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Tabellarius is an email marketing automation software that allows you to send automated emails with a human touch. This state-of-the-art marketing automation software combines email marketing and data management and it even has its own time machine. Click the image below to see what Tabellarius is capable of!


Desktracker is a solution designed by Letimo to keep a track of employees’ working hours, annual leaves, and total productive time. The biggest advantage of Desktracker is that the customer has the flexibility to set up the system according to their business rules and needs.


Expertenarbeit is a customized solution we developed for Berghilfe that brings intranet and project management together. This platform allows the users to keep a track of all of their projects and tasks and all of the crucial information related to their work while also being able to communicate with other system users via intranet and/or via webmail.

getpr contacts

Get PR Contacts is an online database developed by Letimo that contains information about media, governmental and non-governmental organizations and institutions worldwide. It is a fast, secure and efficient way for you to get all the information you need. You can use it to get in touch with all the media outlets of your interest and improve your corporate communication.


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