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Api Integration

Our reliable APIs works in harmony with SexTant, ERP, CRM, HRM and other business systems.

Seamless integration of disparate software systems can be challenging but don’t worry: our integrated APIs will work with your third-party software. Working as a middleware, we facilitate bi-directional communication between separate systems, irrespective of platform, or programming language. We build applications that can work easily in sync with your ERP system.

Managing APIs throughout their full lifecycle

The modern API has its own software development lifecycle. That’s why managing APIs throughout their entire lifecycle is critical to achieving the goals of the API strategy.

Helping you develop your organization’s API strategy

Building a great API always goes hand-in-hand with using them to develop a good API strategy. Our team is always there if you need help in creating your own API strategy.

Extensive practical experience of working with APIs

This list contains some of the APIs that we developed for our clients:

  • Payment systems
  • Id verification (Berghilfe)
  • Employee attendance tracking (e.g. Infomail)
  • Transactional emails (e.g. Tabellarius)
  • Data validity checks
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