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Business Technology, IT Development Company, business solution, letimo
Business Technology, IT Development Company, software Social platform
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Letimo is an IT development company, composed of an experienced team of professionals, driven by unstoppable passion for success in the technology world.
Our products include a wide range of open source and custom IT solutions, from creating structure for websites and online stores to building social platforms and business software development.

We want to provide the full package to keep our customers satisfied. That’s why we develop a whole set of services complementary to our products. We want our final outcome to distinguish and not blend with the competition.

Letimo services extend from activities for designing websites, writing their content and taking care of social media accounts to hosting platforms and providing SEO optimization.

Combining the expertise we possess in the IT development field, with our proficient technological resources and skills, we adapt our products and services on the user, not the other way around.

Letimo’s timeline goes back to 2014, when two not-just-ordinary people combined their skills into creating something worth being extraordinary for.

Dejan Andreevski and Milica Andreevska united their knowledge and imagination into a constructive and factual vision, creating something that was really some – thing in the Internet technology business.

Their fresh concept for a new IT company consisted of a clever composition that combined outsourcing, freelancing and work-sharing into their most beneficial form. As a result, they created a firm that brings value at its extremity and establishes competitive advantage beating current market prices.

We started small and we are proud of saying that. Exclamation point.

We aimed big. And now we gain big. Period(s).

This story is yet to be written.

Yet to be heard of.

Yet to be seen.
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Milica Andreevska
Master of Law UZH
- experience in international, business and contract Law

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Dejan Andreevski
Master of Arts UZH
- several years of experience in the IT communication sector

Our USPs

  • When we say unique, we mean:
  • Our approach is distinctive,
    Your result is aesthetic.
  • When we say high quality, we guarantee:
  • Our products and services are beneficial,
    Their value effect is irresistible.
  • When we say competitive prices, we assure:
  • We compromise only price quantity,
    Never product quality.


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    You can reach us by phone
    MO-SA 9am-7pm

    043 535 16 16


    Letimo, Zurich, Switzerland